Sean had decided┬áto take his wife, Beyonce, on a brief camping trip for the weekend. He understood that she liked a man who was spontaneous, and with a child on the way, he didn’t have too long to show his┬áspontaneity.

The Jigga wanted to be a good father, and knew that that meant settling down. No more spur of the moment events or going out on the town on an impulse. He was going to have to settle down for good. But he knew that there was still some time, so he told himself, “why not take her on a camping trip?”

Neither one of them had been to Crete, at least not together, so the Hov figured that would be the best spot to take his lady love. He surprised Juju on Thursday night, giving her enough time to pack all the necessities. Then Friday morning, around noon they rode out, in their Maybach, to catch a private flight to the lovely island.

The flight was rather long but they found ways to pass the time… Once it landed, they were quick to get to the chauffeur, AND THEN ON TO HERAKLION!! Jay had read that the area was not super touristy and the beaches were beautiful, so he couldn’t think of a better place to take his cuddle bug.

Their driver pulled up to a lovely cabin. This surprised Hova, he expected to have to find himself his own plot of land and then have an attendant set up their extravagant, partitioned tent. He wanted to live rough and rugged. More importantly, he wanted to show his wife, and to repeat, proud mother to be, that he could be rough and rugged. He started to feel insecure, as if he couldn’t really pull of this feat. Then the Idea Bulb went off above his head (he literally tipped an attendant $10 to turn it off), when he saw the ice cream machine at the cantina in the Guest Lounge.

One hour later, Jay had a few Bounty ice cream bars, their favorite frozen treat, and was ready to go on a nice light hike. “Everyone at the cantina said that this area is beautiful,” he told his wifey. And they walked along a nicely wooded path.

About thirty minutes into their walk, the Hov started to wonder where they were going. The people at the lounge said this trail would take them, rather quickly, to a lovely beach. Yet here they walk, just soft ground underfoot, no sand, no water lapping at the beach… He started to worry. It only increased when Beyonce asked him where they were going and he didn’t have an exact answer.

After a little while longer, Sean saw a decent bit of light ahead of them. It looked as if they might be coming up to a clearing. A bit of hope rushed through his weary head, but he couldn’t let it show. He had done a good job of keeping a cool demeanor throughout their hike, holding her hand when she seemed worried, telling jokes to lighten the mood. And he couldn’t let it show that he too was a little scared.

He grabbed her by the wrist, and not thinking twice about the frozen delights in their hands, the shoes on his lovers feet, or even what lay ahead, he rushed them towards the light.

Jay and Bey

The end..?